Founder Advice with Jessica Brondo Davidoff, Managing Partner, Sprezzatura

Founder Advice with Jessica Brondo Davidoff. I’ve now known Jess for close to seven or eight years, and it’s been an incredible journey seeing both our careers and families grow. She’s incredibly talented, tenacious, and has an acute sense of honing in on what a company needs most.

She’s exited a number of companies, among them Admittedly, and State Bags, and has recently shifted her skills to helping businesses meet the challenge of COVID19. I’m so excited to share her experiences with you, so let’s begin: Founder Advice with Jessica Brondo Davidoff.

How’d you get started as an entrepreneur?

Technically my first “business” was a nail salon in my parents basement where I would offer force my mom’s friends to get pedicures from my younger brother. I started my first adult business at 22, when after working for less than a year at an SAT prep company, I had a hypothesis that the ACT was about to take off, and so I quit my job, got a bartending job at night to pay the bills and spent 6 months writing ACT prep curriculum for my first company, The Edge.

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